Posting and Uploading to a Project Page

Once a freelancer has been assigned to the project, you will be able to post messages and upload files to the Activity Feed. You should see a green button that says Add Post. 


When you click in this button, it will expand and you’ll see a text box to type your message. Once you have completed your message, click Save Post and it will appear to on the Activity Feed. 


Messages in the Activity Feed are now labeled as either a Post or as the relevant deliverable. This will allow you to easily scroll through the Activity Feed and locate key files and posts. 



If you need to upload a Project File or Draft, select the Paper Clip button and choose your file. To the right of this button, there is a drop-down menu where you can select what you are uploading. If a creative team member selects 1st Draft, or another option that is reflected in the timeline, then that milestone will be activated. If you aren’t ready to activate the next milestone, you can upload as Regular File. Finally, select Save Post, and voila!


Note to Clients: To activate the client feedback milestones, you'll need to post in the feedback boxes connected to drafts - visit this article for more detailed instructions with screenshots!





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