Understanding Project Milestones

Projects each have a specific Project Timeline based on the project type and tier. The Timeline is built to help the project stay and time and with Milestones to manage delivery and feedback. Milestones within the Project Timeline are advanced either when a creative draft is uploaded by a member of your Project Team, or when a client leaves feedback on a draft. 

We have now made it even easier to stay on top of the next deliverable by adding a notification detailing the next step at the top of the Activity Feed. 

You can reference the Project Timeline to the right of the Activity Feed to see which Project Team member owns the next deliverable as well as the entire project schedule. 

If you are client and you need assistance with your Project Timeline, please contact us. Meeting the deadlines will ensure a project finished on time and in scope. 

If you are a member of the Visually Talent Community and you need request an adjustment to the Project Timeline,  you can now notify us by using the new Update Timeline button to request an adjustment. 

Once you select Update Timeline, a message box will pop up allowing you to detail your request to the Visually Team. 

Your request will be reviewed and you'll receive a confirmation when changes are approved.






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