Editing your profile

This is the profile edit page. To get here, select Settings in the upper-right drop down menu. Once in Settings make sure you are on the profile page by clicking on Profile.

  1. Upload a picture button: Click on this button to upload a picture that will serve as your avatar.
  2. Username: Users can edit their username in this field
  3. First and Last Name: This will show on the profile page (optional field).
  4. Location: This will show on the profile page (optional field).
  5. About: This is where the user can fill in their profile description.
  6. Website: In this field, link the website that you are affiliated with e.g.: for designers, their website containing their work would be used in this field.
  7. Profiles: Add social media accounts by choosing the social media platform, adding the username belonging to that platform, and pressing the Add button near this field.
  8. Save: Click this button to save any changes.

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